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You Wanna Play a Game?

.... I promise it won't hurt for very long.

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I'm anybody and nobody,
Everywhere but nowhere
I can turn into any human
For convenience's sake,
I make myself settled into this shape
However, this isn't my true form.
I don't remember my age at all,
Or even my original gender
I don't remember why I turned into this sort of body

No matter how hard I try,
It's impossible
Even my brain cells always keep changing
My memories of the past are being taken from me,
Piece by piece.
I don't even know my real identity

But... I'm what you are afraid of... "Kaitou X".

This is the character journal of Kaitou X/Sai as played by scaredsummoner at discedo. All icons are made by aquamarine for my use so don't even think about taking them without her permission first.